William Rankin

William Rankin

Dr William Rankin is ex-Head of Global Education at Apple, founder and CEO of Unfold Learning. This year he is invited to attend the ‘City for Education’ Forum as an expert for the first time, and will be happy to share his deep expertise in educational technology, and talk about the promotion and development of innovative teaching, and further improvement of learning space. William Rankin has over 25 years’ experience in education, with 20 years as a University Professor of English. His professional interests include the history of pedagogy and educational technologies, learning design and learning space, literacy, and the construction of informational and cultural access. For more than 20 years, he has been working with schools, governments, and learning organizations throughout the world.


At Apple, William Rankin was responsible for developing, promoting, and enhancing innovative teaching and learning. His team was developing an iOS education app. He helped develop the one-to-one service that turned iPhone and iPod touch into a platform for exploring mobile technologies. The users could select one of the three lesson types offered via one-to-one, including a personal session with an Apple staff-member or a group session covering the topic they have selected. The user would work at their own project seeking help from the experts within the service, when needed.


Today, William Ranking is the Head of Unfold Learning LLC, a provider of project technology for education. The company transforms the perception of the upbringing and education. Unfold Learning also designs and runs workshops and seminars and provides educational presentations at multiple events around the world. According to William Ranking, the future model of education should have the key features of a healthy ecosystem, i. e. diversity, flexibility, open access to shared resources for every partner, active collaboration, pursuit of inner balance, and resilience. In a way, schools should become workshops, the whole point being for students to collaborate with each other. This should be a priority for every school, while Augmented Reality, for instance, would help access the outer world and learn more information in innovative and engaging formats. Once children realize that mobile devices can help them in learning, they will learn to use them for this exact purpose, and this is when the devices will be their helpers, said William Ranking in an interview with RIA Novosti.


In 2008, William Ranking received the Campus Technology Innovator award in the Mobile Learning category. He is the winner of a number of other prizes in education, and a frequent speaker on modern educational technologies, educational and learning strategy development, and other topics. Interviews with Dr William Rankin were published by such prominent outlets as Wired, The Guardian, The Times of London, Businessweek, The New York Times, and The Chronicle for Higher Education, as well as online platforms including InsideHigherEd, Ars Technica and Open Culture. He presented educational technologies at multiple events in more than 30 countries around the world.

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