Around 100,000 people are expected to visit the Moscow Global Forum "City for Education"

Around 100,000 people are expected to visit the Moscow Global Forum "City for Education"

Over 50 countries will take part in the Moscow Global Forum "City for Education", to be held on 30 August through 02 September at VDNH Expo. This year, the Forum in Moscow is going to welcome 100,000 visitors, 200 leading domestic and international experts, and 100 exhibitors, said Pavel Kuzmin, Program Director of the Forum, Head of the Moscow Centre for Quality of Education (MCQE), at the press-conference held to discuss the objectives of the Forum in 2018,

“This year, we have somewhat changed the format. The whole pavilion 75, which is over 20,000 square meters, will become one big school class. We will run lessons in several subjects, e. g. engineering, medicine, ecology, and set up a presentation area for the Moscow E-School and cadet education. A lot of interactive content is what students like. Our forum will be a major educational event in Moscow, Russia, and the entire world, “said Pavel Kuzmin.

Notably, this year the Forum program targets a wide range of visitors, and is not limited to industry experts. Soon, an interactive website will be on, to provide relevant information about the Forum.

Alexander Molotkov, Deputy Head of the Moscow City Department of Education, commented: “The major city projects will be presented at this Forum. The approach to education which used to be customary here in this country, is now being supplemented with new concepts, in particular, that of real life skills. Hence, the school is acquiring a new role as an integrator of multiple resources to build new skills and competencies. The wealth of the social and cultural environment of the city serves as a resource for improving the education. “

The Forum will focus on the following key topics:

Global city education in the age of transformation

Moscow digital education — growth potential and competencies for the future economy

Human capital in digital education — from childhood to successful career

Big schools for big cities — lifestyle and social innovation labs.

Major events on the official agenda of the Forum include a meeting of the city teachers’ council, teachers’ assembly, and interactive teaching marathon. Leading Russian and international experts will discuss current trends in education, at the international conference of leaders of city education systems from all around the world.

Evgeni Dridze, Deputy Head of Foreign Economic and International Affairs of Moscow, said: “The Forum is of real interest for other countries and also for the Russian provinces. This year we expect to see more teams in the ‘Olympiad’ contest for schools (which is an important element of the Forum program), than in the past. “

Awareness-raising and entertainment program of the Forum in 2018 includes the ‘Olympiad of Metropolises’, WorldSkills Show, ‘Future Professions’ flashmob, city festival of hackathons and quests, charity running contest. For the first time, we will award the ‘City for Education’ prize to journalists.

Svetlana Romanova, Head of Education, Moscow Information Technology Department, added: “In 2019, Moscow will launch its ‘Smart City’ program, which is now being discussed with the city community. We would like to engage the city dwellers and experts into a discussion of the impact new technologies make on our life. This year, we will be holding multiple activities at the Forum venue to explain school students and their parents how to use the Moscow E-School resources. Our little visitors will also be offered something exciting — we have prepared 3D-makerthons and junior hackathons for them. “

Young people will be offered sections featuring young bloggers covering education and support of education startups.

Forum participants will discuss the prospects of large corporates in education. Alexey Shapovalov, Vice-President of Strategic Marketing at Prosveshcheniye Group, said: “First, at this Forum we are going to discuss digitalization of educational products. We work in close cooperation with the Moscow E-School and see that this school can help improve the quality of education. Our second topic is how to get schoolchildren ready to the professions of the future, and how to choose a profession. Moscow has done a lot in this direction. Then, being an investor, we would like to discuss the role of big business in education, with the modern education system being a platform for collaboration of multiple institutions. This ecosystem should be built in such a way as to make all its participants act in the common interests of the community, and have equal rights. “

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