A1.1, H4.1, H4.2 Prosveshcheniye Promethean
A1.2, E2 Promethean
A1.4 Aqdar World Summit Innovation Arabia
A1.5, G6.4 1C
A1.6 National Research University "Moscow State University of Civil Engineering"
A1.7 National University of Science and Technology MISIS
A2.1, G2 LEGO Education
A2.2 Suppliers portal
A2.3 Synergy University
A2.4 MIREA - Russian Technological University
A3.3 Moscow Сity University
A3.5 Russian State University for the Humanities
A3.6 Pushkin State Russian Language Institute
A4 City Educational and Psychological Center
A5 Moscow Center for Postgraduate Training of Education Sector Professionals
A6.1 Cadet Classes
A7.1 Moscow Сity Organization of Education and Science Employees’ Union of Russia
A7.2 Children. Road. Safety
A7.3, D4.2 Moscow Center of Pedagogical Competencies
A7.4 Autonomous non-profit organization Center for Development of School Journalism “School Press Center”
B1 Roboset
B2 Roboclass
B4 Moscow E-learning school
B5 Federal Service for the Supervision of Education and Science (Rosobrnadzor)
B6 Public E-Methodology Environment for Teachers (NUEMS)
B7 My Skills in My City
B8 Moscow City Department for Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship
C1 Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship
C5 Technosphere of a Modern School
C6 Moscow colleges
C7 WorldSkills Russia Moscow
D4 School restaurant
D4.2 All-Russian Public and State Children's and Youth Organization "Russian Movement of Schoolchildren"
D5 Green point
D6 Moscow E-learning school hackathon
E3.1 Centre for Innovative Technologies in Education
E3.2 Etnomir
E3.3 KidsCity
E3.4 Top3DShop
E4.1 United 3D Labs
E4.2 VRTech
E7 Moscow City IT Department hackathon
F2.1 Kid-Friendly
F2.2 Publishing House “National Education”
F3 Business game zone
F4 Infrastructure of childhood
F5 Uchi.ru
F6 Neurolab
F6.1, F6.2, F6.3 Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI)
G1 Domisolka
G3 Green charge
G4 Microsoft
G4.1 Soyuzmultfilm
G5 Polymedia
G5.2 AMcore
G6.1 Releon
G6.2 Neolant
G6.3 Foresight
H3.1 AST Publishers
H3.2 Alpina Publisher
H5.1 Publishing house Mann,Ivanov & Ferber
H5.2 BKL Publishers
H5.3 Russkoe Slovo Publishing House
H6 Razvitie Parks
H6.1 Cambridge Assessment English
H6.2 Kraftway
H6.3 Skyeng
H6.5 Codewards
H6.6 Лайк Центр
H6.7 Noviy Disk
H8, H9, H10 Drone race