August 29 – September 1, 2019


About forum
Moscow Global Forum "City for Education" aims to bring together leading academics, researchers, scholars and educators to present, share and discuss new trends and significant contributions in educational practices.
Forum tracks
How to evaluate skills in the 21st century and what tools does it take?
Contemporary monitoring research (Pisa, Pirls, Timss, etc). How to evaluate skills in the 21st century and what tools does it take?

Essential task of modern education is to prepare students to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We should provide them with effective tools that help to think critically, reason logically, defend their position, be creative and communicative. Many people acknowledge the benefits of so called '21st century skills' but are they being properly assessed and recognised?

— Round tables on innovative technologies in the learning process.
— Public discussion of world experience in assessing the quality of education.
— Workshops on modern competitive and assessment mechanisms developed by students to assess personal achievements.
Teacher’s role in modern education
Effective ways for teachers' re-training based on demands of modern education

Training and retraining of teachers through upgrading of their qualifications, capacity`-building through workshop and seminars is a must for a nation. How to ensure that teachers receive the best available training programmes and enable them to deliver the best method of classroom and out-of-classroom teaching techniques?

— Workshops and soft skills challenges for teachers.
— Master-classes on learning — technology in skills development.
Talent development
Educational inequality growth, stratification of society. Social adaptation and inclusion

We are interested in new ideas and solutions for the equality of opportunities for children with SEN, gifted children and those for whom social adaptation and socialization is important. How technology development in ensuring equal educational opportunities for schoolchildren and students? What are key vectors of development for companies that create products and solutions for inclusive education?

— Public discussions on tools and technologies that can ensure the organization of an open educational space on equal conditions.
— Round table discussion "Inclusive education — equality of the educational opportunities".
— Public discussions on school bullying.

Digital technologies in education
Forming of a multicultural personality

Personality traits play a significant role in facing intercultural challenges. How to build network-based international schools? Is it possible to create a curriculum for children, who go to different online schools all over the world simultaneously?

— Keynote on the prospects of technology development in ensuring equal educational opportunities for students.
— Round tables on robotisation in the educational process.
— Public discussions on development of the LMS system and techniques.

Education Urbanism
Career internship (suitable for teens) in the form of field experience and on-site trainings, governmental body internship (school-business interaction)

For some teenagers, the road to a lucrative first job may not involve flipping burgers or bagging groceries but rather getting an internship in their career of choice. How to combine a typical teen summer job and professional development?

— Pitch-session and master-classes on entrepreneurship.
How it was in 2018
In 2018 Forum brought together
133 000
Forum hosted
>1 000
sessions and presentations
News and events
Moon Odyssey — collaboration of Roscosmos and LEGO Education
The kit is based on Education EV3 for 5−9 grades. With this kit, developed with LEGO MINDSTORMS, the students can improve their knowledge, obtained in arts and crafts, physics class, IT, and solve everyday space problems.
Young Innovators Challenge
120 Moscow students from 110 schools showed off their IT skills at the Young Innovators Challenge and raised awareness of the school entrepreneurship phenomenon.
The first school Internet of Things Hackathon
The main aim of the hackathon was to solve modern city problems with the help of imagination, robots, prototypes and programming.
Startup City Challenge — first ecosystem for educational start-ups
A collaboration of EDexpert and the Forum, aiming at creating a network or educational start-ups and sharing experiences.
Main quotes
Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
head of the federal service for supervision in education and science
At first, I was surprised by the unipath of all presenters. But then, I realized, there is no surprise here
head of the department of education of moscow
In Russia we see many positive changes in education, which we have yet to discuss
director of the department of education of the organization for economic cooperation and development
The inaugural Moscow Global Forum was one of the best organized conferences I have ever attended, with 20,000 delegates
french teacher and technology coach from toronto, canada
Key projects of Moscow education to be presented in 2019
Moscow E-School
Launched in 2016 Moscow Online School represents a new solution to learning, balancing the use of modern technologies and traditional education. The online education platform has thousand of up-to-date learning materials, including texts, lessons and e-textbooks.
WorldSkills Russia
Is meant to improve and develop skills. International collaborations and increased ties between productions, governments, and institutions has helped show the need for qualified specialist through competitions, joined projects and experience exchange.
Pre-professional classes
Moscow has promoted the development of high-tech education environment to enable students to acquire necessary skills for future profession.

— Consolidation of general, supplementary, vocational and higher education;
— Interdisciplinary approaches to teaching;
— Hi-tech equipment for learning.
My Skills — Online Self Study Service
The evaluation service for educational achievements allows students to test their knowledge at any convenient time and location. Students can test their knowledge on liberal arts. Service include not only disciplinary and metadisciplinary.
Key persons of the forum
moscow city government minister, head of the department of education of moscow
head of the federal service for supervision in education and science
moscow city government minister, head of the department for external economic and international relations
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